Akli Bessadah


Akli Bessadah
Phoenix FM E2E trainees, Jack Mallinson and Pedro interviewed Saharan Nomad, Akli Bessadah from the Tureg culture.

The Tureg are an ancient civilization that live across the Sahara, spreading across the countries now known as Mali, Morocco, Algeria and Libya. They are also known as Berbers. They have one of the few original scripts in Africa and it is thought that they went to Egypt to build the pyramids.

Jack and Pedro asked Akli about his situation and what brought him to the UK. Akli explained that the Tureg are not permitted to use their language, they have no access to education or health care and nor do they benefit from the economic wealth of countries such as Libya. Instead, they live in ghettos in poverty.

Akli was forced to leave when he and a friend were caught making a film about the situation. His friend was arrested and recently Akli received news that his friend was dead.

Both Pedro and Jack found it interesting to do the interview and got a real insight into a different culture. Pedro said he knew nothing of the Berbers and that speaking to Akli had helped him appreciate the very different conditions people live in.

Akli was pleased to be able to have someone take an interest in his story and enjoyed meeting the people at Phoenix. He is now hoping to volunteer at the radio on a regular basis.

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Pedro, Akli and Jack