Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival


Bloodstock was an annual metal music festival held from 2001 to 2006 over two days in The Assembly Rooms in Derby. The event featured big-name mainstream, underground and new bands split between two stages. The festival was well known for showcasing international bands for the first time in the UK and have debuted, amongst others, Blind Guardian and Nightwish. A separate spin off open-air festival called Bloodstock Open Air was launched in 2005 to complement the indoor version.

After the 2006 event, the indoor section was scrapped, with all efforts now focused onto the open air event - the popularity of which meant that in 2007, an extra stage and an extra day was added, making Bloodstock Open Air one of THE metal festivals to hit in the year.

The Metal Ashes rounded off their Metal Festival Tour of England with one of the most iconic festivals! Check out this year's line up and click the bands below to hear interviews with them!

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