Recently I attended 'The Secret of Button Mash', knowing how much hard work they put into it over the months leading to Button Mash; I was asked to review it. Expecting to be early, I set off in my pirate costume generally excited for the night. Within 5 minutes of being there, the crowd grew; more people were turning up and by half way through the turnout was really impressive. They had a range of ages, playing games, listening to the music and generally having a good time.

Though I've never being much of a gamer myself, I had to see what the fuss was about. So, I experimented with the games that were there, including 'Rock Band', 'Mario', some 'Retro Games' and other games for the 'Xbox', 'PS3' and 'Nintendo Wii' consoles, and many more! Before I knew it, I was Button Mashing! It was an experience to remember, real gaming. You'd think since Bradford Playhouse is out of the way, that no one would know about the event, but this was far from the truth and I am eagerly looking forward to the next Button Mash!

Having been a "Monkey Island" theme it seemed like there were pirates everywhere, even an inflatable monkey! 'Becky Hunt' had spent a lot of her own time preparing cakes and making lots of different things that were sold on the night, they were a big hit!

As the night continued, the bands started to set up and everyone from the crowd gathered round the stage. First up was Sarah Carey, who has such a beautiful voice and unique songs that joined together to make a perfect way to kick off the live entertainment. On one song, Joshua Thackray came up to sing alongside Sarah; they made a great duet and got the audience cheering and ready for more.

Occasionally a few gamers would leave the games to witness the great performance (a testament to how good they really were). Second up was AB Negative. Having seen the band a couple of times already, I was excited to see them perform again. They have such a fresh sound, which is always amazing to witness! With the vocalist Darren Gray taking the lead, his singing was amazing! Overall they put on a great show and attracted more and more people to watch them perform leading up to the final act, State of Error.

I've seen State of Error quite a lot this past year and their gigs are one of the most energetic around and they always give it their all. They appreciate all the fans they have (which is a lot) and put on a good show every time! They have their own sound and have come a long way since they first started. Having recently won the Bingley Live Competition, they will be playing at the festival itself, Bingley Live! (Well done guys!) Mikey Green from State of Error also won the contest for best costume! (picturebelow)

Their set list was chosen by three fans of the band, Nathan Boyes, Becky Hunt and Chris Moore, so we heard quite a lot of their old stuff and some new covers which made it the perfect end to the night. It was then followed by a few more hours of DJ sets by Richard Hadley, Danny Moore and Chris Moore and plenty more gaming.

The guys at Button Mash have done everyone proud and their amount of effort is astounding!

I recommend you join the facebook page to keep up to date with the next event!

- Tasha Smith

Future events at Bradford Playhouse include GAIN, a Rock / Metal / Alternative / Punk night every month starting Saturday the 20th of August. An event to watch out for! 16 and over during the bands but then 18+ only after 10pm for the club night. No supports confirmed as of yet, but local Bradford band 'You Had Me At Hello' have been confirmed as headliner! Should be a successful event!

Mikey Green and Sarah Wilkinson