Music Reviews


  Leeds based rockers PseudoNympho recently released their first EP "A Door...A Table...A Fist" and have released a double a-side "TheImmaculateHeartOfMary" (the second release from the EP) and brand new track "Pathetic Island Fallacy". Wayne Illingworth took a listen to the new track and gave us a very articulate review...thesaurus' and dictionarys' at the ready...  


Philippa, Simon and Tasha went to Leeds, more specifically the new Empire club, to witness the birth of a new phenomenon in the Leeds music scene, the re-emergance of metal, taking place at the Metal Fringe Festival. A part of the Leeds Fringe Festival, MF2011 aimed to raise money for Martin House Childrens Hospice



Philippa and Tasha went to The New Conservatory on the 18th of August 2011 for the official Press Launch of the Leeds Fringe Festival 2011

Used as both a networking event for everyone invloved and as one of the three kick-off gigs, the night was a roaring success, as was the rest of the Fringe itself, all in aid of Martin House Childrens Hospice




Tasha and Philippa went to see local Halifax band, The Astral Plain, supported by David Gaunt, on August 13th at Bar 15


Philippa and Tasha went to the Victoria Theatre for the launch of Paperplane's debut album "Draw Your Own Holes" where the band played the whole album, with support from The Bambino's and St. Somebody.

Also features an album review and some pictures courtesy of Dec Troughton and Charlotte Eagles. itself


A unique musical and technological experience lurks in the Bradford Playhouse: Button Mash!

The third of it's kind, saw performances from State of Error, AB Negative, Sarah Carey and many more, while also showcasing the best ways to keep your thumbs occupied fromover the years

Tasha went along to see what it was all about!


Ben "Banjo" Higginbotham reviews the Amsterdam-originating ska outfit most commonly known in ska and reggae Jaya The Cat!