Phoenix Radio's crowdfunder

Have you heard about our crowdfunder?

We’ve launched a crowdfunding appeal and so far, we have raised a whopping £715!

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have shared the page with their friends and family.

Our goal is to raise £5000 to help cover the core running costs of the station. Sadly, we still need to pay rent, bills and licence fees, even in lockdown. Due to coronavirus, our advertising revenue has been decimated and, along with other loss of income, we are concerned about the long term impact this could have on our station.

We are 14% of the way to £5000, which is amazing, but we still have a long way to go.


Any donations would be greatly appreciated. The best thing about the crowdfunder is that you actually get rewarded for donating. There are lots of rewards, depending on how much money you give.

For example:

  • £3 gets you a lifetime subscription to our newsletter
  • £5 gets you a ticket for our “Foodie Raffle” where you could win a wine and cheese selection worth £50!
  • £15 gets you priority shoutouts and song requests for a year

We have a limited number of rewards for local businesses too, such as reduced advertising rates and sponsorship packages, for as little as 82p a day!

Local musicians can benefit from an acoustic gig recorded at Phoenix FM, plus regular plays and promotion through the airwaves. All for just £25.

Check out all the awesome rewards here   If you can't donate, please SHARE our crowdfunder across social media and to your friends and family.

When this pandemic is over, we all want there to be a station for us to return to.

Please spread the word of our crowdfunder far and wide and help to save Calderdale’s only independent radio station.