Behind The Scenes At Bankfield Museum

Last Friday we were able to look behind the scenes at Bankfield Museum we were taken round by Richard McFarlane the Museum Manager and given a wonderful tour of some of Bankfield hidden treasures. The group has met twice before and we are gathering inspiration and ideas for our piece of textiles we are going to make that will later be displayed in the new Halifax Library. We were lucky enough to see what Bankfield held in its stores. We started by finding out more about the museum and why it exists. The idea was 'to bring the world to Halifax.' On our tour we saw some of the world through Chinese shoes that were so small and impossible to imagine a bound foot had once fitted inside, mummy wrappings from ancient Egypt all curled and preserved, a room full of spinning wheels, and baskets from all over the world alongside other treasures.

We saw a tiny fraction of the collection and will definitely be booking another visit to see objects related to some of the famous people from Halifax, including Percy Shaw, famous for his incredible invention "cats eyes", Sir Francis Crossley who made his name and money through being the largest carpet manufacture in the world, Violet Mackintosh who created the recipe for Toffee and Winifred Thomas who spent time playing with Prince John.

We are looking forward to bringing all our ideas together and starting work on our piece.