DJ School UK

DJ School UK is a social enterprise run in Leeds by Jim Reiss and Dan De Lissandri. We both have a long history of working in Halifax and the Square Chapel and so when the Discover team asked us to get involved helping prepare the town for its new Central Library and Archive, the Piece Hall Transformation, Orangebox Young People's Centre and the Square Chapel Cornerstone extension, we jumped at the chance.

Having been brought up in Wyke, Bradford and having seen the benefits that developments like this can have on a place we fully support the whole project.

But never mind that - we are the music makers!

So far we have only been over 3 times, Dan once and Jim twice, but every time we've got straight down to business showing young people how to DJ and make their own music. Dan is doing the next session on Ableton music production software on the 18th June (starting at 6pm).

In the sessions our dedicated group have been using Mixtrack Pro DJ Controllers, Pioneer CDJ decks and Ableton Music production software. So far we have really just been messing around and getting used to how it all works. But soon we will get down to the nitty gritty of making music especially for the opening of the Central Library! We are hoping to sample some of the living books, remix old "big sing" songs, produce who knows what from the sounds of halifax town and maybe even supply music for a film or poem. The sky is the limit with this one and we are buzzing about getting settled in.

There are still spaces for young people to join in this project, learn to DJ and make music using computers. We will be visiting over the summer holidays and from September term will be there at least every fortnight to help everyone get their groove on.