Andrew McMillan's writing group

We're meeting every fortnight to tell the story of Halifax. Remember it's past, consider the present, attempt to predict the future. Every place has its own myths, its own legendary figures- we're going to be using their stories a lot in the coming months but I want to create some new myths too. Everybody has a life that is worthy of writing about. Every time we write something down, we're creating a document which will be studied as history by the generations to come. I want us to invent our own myths. Today, during the writing workshop, we told each other about our lives, our own stories, our own personal mythologies. We gifted this information to a workshop partner, who then turned it into a myth, an origin story, a legend. Of course, there was hyperbole, artistic licence but underneath all that there was fact, cold hard fact, as solid as quarried stone; our lives are simply myths we tell ourselves. The places we live are just collections of people telling each other their stories. For the next two years we will be listening, re-telling and creating. Places grow as their stories expand. Soon we'll need a whole new building to contain them.