DJ School UK "We all have a story to tell" Blog entry: 2.

September 25th 2014


We have now spent a few weeks of free-for-all experimenting with our group. We have been using DJ decks to find songs that mix well together, then transferring the ideas to music production software (Ableton) to polish the ideas and create our own works.

Amongst the highlights so far have been people accidentally playing piano on the decks because the music production software thought the decks were an instrument! Also discovering that we can download and use pretty much any piece of music or sample we like!

So we have agreed to produce one song each using a sample of brass bands, choirs singing or the living book characters from the rest of the project talking. AND one dj mix each, of at least 3 songs, which we can play as background music during the opening exhibitions for the new library. Everyone will get a CD of their work to keep forever too.

One of the greatest developments has been that any young people joining our group can access the media box at Orangebox to work on their own music production pieces, even when we are not there!

There are still spaces for young people to join in this project, learn to DJ and make music using computers. We come every two weeks on a Wednesday night from 6pm - 8pm. The next session is on the 8th October.

For more info or to join on please contact Elaine Duffy on or pop in the Orangebox and ask for the library project.