The Textile Project

Textile project:

The textile project is taking shape; we are working on ideas for the final piece testing out how we can show all the wonderful things that make Halifax and Calderdale so unique and special. The group are taking some risks and playing with materials testing out possible solutions knowing that everything can be changed and adapted. We have just got two sewing machines to use on our Friday meetings and some of the group have been working at home.

As the project takes shapes the information we need is always becoming more detailed as we realise the possibilities of what we can show we have talked about having something new to look at each time and maybe even the odd window which has a surprise when you look through it!

Our first guest is going to be a printmaker who is going to show us how to print using screens, this will hopefully provide us for the material, which will become part of the finished project.

Members of the group are also bringing friends to session and meeting outside of the group and everyone is getting more adventurous in their thinking. It all feels very exciting.