Halifax New Library Textile Project

The Textile Group have been very busy since our last blog entry. We started the year with a session on making pictures using appliqué. Everyone chose a building to represent in fabric and stitch. We transferred our designs to fabric which we bonded to a background and then embellished using hand or machine stitch.  

Some of these pieces are now completed and waiting to be put together to create a piece of textile art for the foyer of the new library.  We have had a lot of new members join us since Christmas, we now meet weekly and have extended the sessions to 4 hours. We have a tutorial or workshop on alternate weeks and have a working session on the opposite week.  We recently spent the day with artist Kevin Jones who taught the group block printing. This was a very successful session and he will be joining us again to teach some more advanced techniques.  

We are currently working on further embellishing our prints.  The final design of our piece of work is still under discussion and we are waiting for confirmation of the size of the display case, but we have lots of ideas we want to incorporate. We are also hoping to involve other groups of people who represent the population of Halifax. We are looking forward to meeting Andrew next month who will be telling us what the Writing Group are working on as their part of the Library Project, and we are looking forward to the possibility of using some of their text in our project.