Becoming the Minster - 8 years on!

In 2009, on Sunday, 22nd November at 11am the Halifax Parish Church became the Halifax Minster.

Phoenix 96.7 FM, broadcast the event live and repeated it again at 2pm on Sunday afternoon. It was a very big day for Calderdale, and Phoenix was there broadcasting the whole thing, both live and afterwards with special interviews.

Not only did this mark a new era for the Halifax Parish Church but was also the first time Phoenix FM had broadcast an event live from outside its Dean Clough-based studio.

A team of Phoenix Radio volunteers (including ex-BBC producer Phil Gott who was able to call in retired BBC Classical music expert, Graham Harwood for technical support) worked throughout the week leading up to the event to link the Minster to the studio.

On 12th November, 2017 Phoenix FM continued this partnership by broadcasting the Remembrance Day Service live. Thanks to everyone involved for all their continued skills, enthusiasm, and massive amounts of hard work.

To keep up to date with all the goings-on at the Minster, check out their website