Phoenix wins Silver at National Awards

For the second year running, Phoenix Radio received National recognition with a Silver Award at the National Community Radio Awards ceremony that took place in Sheffield on Saturday, 15th September. This year the award was given for the Innovation Of The Year, the Jigsaw project.

More than 200 people attended the celebrations, which were hosted by 2017 Female and Male gold recipients Louise Croombs and Mark Blackman. Martin Steers, awards chair, said:

“This independent event continues to grow from year to year, and it’s amazing to build momentum and celebrate the fantastic work that this sector produces in its communities on a daily basis.”

Over the last year we have supported individuals with additional needs, be they physical disability or mental health matters. The one thing we have always prided ourselves on is being able to see the change in people once they have been given an opportunity to express themselves.

Often these people are those who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves on the outside of the community, isolated from the mainstream. We also believed that loss of communication can lead to lack of confidence and further isolation. We found that people going to Memory Cafes sit and chat but afterwards those chats have gone, using our Zoom Recorders they could be recorded. So we combined 2 elements.

The concept was to create a Halifax jigsaw built around images of the town from the past and base them in Memory Cafes or other spaces where people are working with people who are showing signs of early Dementia or who simply want to meet up as a way of battling isolation. We trained people to use portable sound recorders and to then take them to groups. Whilst people talked about their memories of growing up in the area, at the same time as the jigsaw was being built, we recorded the sessions to capture their memories. The finished items were then broadcast on Phoenix Radio, 96.7 FM