Night-time Nostalgia

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  Hosted by Sara Hinchliffe & Howard Priestley      
  Broadcast Online Only        
          Remember this?  Perhaps you were a member of Jedediah Strutt, Mysterious Footsteps or the Phantom Limbs.  Or did you run the Polish Club at the time?  Mayber you were involved in Rock Against Racism and Rock Against Thatcher locally.  Please get in touch and we can make a recording about it.  
  Steve Baldwin remembers the Good Mood Club, and considers how it has shaped his life since.   Online Only    

Dooj, Carol, Tim and Gibby join Sara for two one-hour instalments of music and reminiscence from the last years of the Good Mood Club

  Online Only    
    Online Only    
  Helen Fielding, DJ at the Good Mood Club in the mid 1970's, tells her memories to Sara   Online Only    
  If you want to contribute your own memories to further programmes about the Good Mood/Clarences, please e-mail  
  You might also like to read and share memories and gig listings via Lily is especially keen to hear from anyone with diaries/listings from the late 1970s. A great idea from another former clubber!  

Thanks to Martyn Atkins for this picture of Billy Idol, taken at the Good Mood Club when he visited