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On Saturday the 30th of July 2011, we attended PaperPlane's 'Draw your own Holes' album launch at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax. The first supporting act was St. Somebody from Todmorden.

They are definitely ones to watch; they reminded us of a young Arctic Monkeys. The vocalist on the night, Rob Brander, had an admirable live voice. They experienced some technical difficulties with the guitar, but they pulled through and put on a good show regardless.

The Bambinos took to the stage next and attracted a good crowd as always. Their vibrant sound instantly got the crowd on their feet.

It was strong performance overall and they established a positive atmosphere leading up to the headline act.

The final band was the eagerly anticipated PaperPlane. They are a three piece band consisting of Jack Bennett as the lead singer, Kristian Arak on lead guitarist and Kristan Read on the drums.

The moment they came on stage, the mood completely changed. Only a few remained seated as the crowd cheered the band along. Opening with the song 'Stacks', the first track from the new album 'Draw Your Own Holes', everyone rapidly moved towards the stage as PaperPlane began their performance. Jack's unique voice projected throughout the auditorium, giving the band an exceptional stage presence and a very professional performance.

They performed a wide range of songs including "Trial and Error" and "Blindfire" which seemed to be the most well known to the audience.

Featuring on the final song of the night was the Whitworth Youth School Choir and the Cliff Woodworth String Quartet. Also featured on the track "Crash Status", was the amazing singer Kate "Kage" Gardner which made it a night to remember, I think everyone will agree.

Due to the demand for more tickets, the Victoria Theatre opened the box office, so pay-on-the-door was made available- showing how highly anticipated this event was. Overall the Album launch was a big success.

Album Review - PaperPlane "Draw Your Own Holes"

The album includes a different range of artists including the Whitworth Youth School choir, the Cliff Woodworth String Quartet and guest singer Kate "Kage" Gardner and Lead Singer Jack Bennett making a visit to the Piano.

Throughout the album the word "emotional" springs to mind, you can clearly see the effort and passion from the hard work that has been put into the album by the guys of PaperPlane. The dedication from everyone involved is unbelievable which clearly paid off at their successful album launch on Saturday the 30th of July at Victoria Theatre.

The first song on the album "Draw Your Own Holes" was "Stacks"; more of an acoustic song, followed by a more up beat tempo as the song progresses. As an opening track, it introduces the album well, highlighting the potential of the band and the rest of the album.

"Under the Influence" is also a good showing, with the inspirational lyrics "be yourself and don't be anyone else" showing the bands morals and allowing the personality of the band to shine through.

"Trial and Error" is the most appreciated song on the album so far, the emotion builds throughout and doesn't disappoint. Jack Bennett has a wide range of vocals that benefits all of the songs at critical moments.

"And In The End, I'll Build A Time Machine", the last song on the album, (excluding the extra acoustic versions of "Stacks" and "Crash Status") seems to have a deeper meaning and a lot of heart. It is the perfect close to the album and is very dramatic, which will certainly make it memorable to many.

The similarities between PaperPlane and other bands of this genre show the band is starting out in the same way to making it big, being themselves, and simply doing it for the love of music and their fans. We anticipate much success and greatness from PaperPlane.

- Phillipa Smith and Tasha Smith

PaperPlane came in to the studio for the YUBS on the 24thof July 2011