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  Anthony Lister, now returned from the Antarctic, tells Sara his traveller's tales of penguins, ice adventures, and working for the BAS  

3rd Sept



Anthony Lister ltalking to Sara about his forthcoming 18 months contract to work as an electrician on the British Antarctic Survey team.

  17th Oct 2013    
  Gill Matherson from WRAP (waste and resources action programme) speaks to Sara about food wastage and the prevention of food waste. To find out more, click here   5th Sept 2013    

Sara Hinchliffe talks to Lesley Millar and June Hill about the Cloth And Memory exhibition at Salts Mill in Bradford

  8th Aug 2013    
  Keith Walters from DEFRA spoke to Sara Hinchliffe about how Sudden Oak Death (a form of Phytophthora) is affecting natural and garden trees and shrubs in the UK, and what we can do to help protect them.   9th May 2013    

Steve Blackman is joined in the studio by Gareth Ewing, Business Connector with Business In The Community (bitc) talking about their aims to increase the positive impact of business in local communities by harnessing expertise from business to tackle local needs

  4th Jan 2013    
  Not exactly a guest, but a whole selection of music from artists appearing at the Folk Roots Festival to be held in both the Trades Club and the Town Hall, Hebden Bridge on the 9th, 10th & 11th November 2012. Introduced by Dave Boardman   2nd Oct 2012    
  Norman Titus talks to Steve Blackman about the work of Victim Support   2nd Jul 2012    
  Winston Plowes, juggler and poet talks to Gaia Holmes about his writings and inspirations, with many fine examples of his work. Although the juggling wasn't deemed suitable for radio, he did entertain us in the studio with a fine demonstration of balloon juggling!   6th Jun 2012    
  Dave Boardman is joined by representatives of the Fair For Youth 2012 event, taking place in Hebden Bridge at the end of the month   3rd May 2012    
  Steve is joined in the studio by members of Stage Door Studio to promote their studio and the upcoming production of Bugsy Malone   31st Aug 2011    
  Steve has Vicky Robertshaw from the Boothtown Partnership in the studio for a chat   18th July 2011    
  Steve talks to Diane Pae, Operations Manager of Victim Support West Yorkshire, about the service and how volunteers can help   11th Apr 2011    
  Steve talks to Saiqa, Kim and Katie from the Love Music, Hate Racism campaign and upcoming events and how to get involved   28th Mar 2011    
  Bob has Rachel and Pam from NHS Calderdale talking about improving health and getting fit whilst losing weight in a sensible timeframe   18th Jan 2011    
  Dr. Paul Ruffle, visiting Research Fellow from Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, talked to Sara on Coffee Culture about the birth, life and death of stars   12th Dec 2010  

  Writer John Siddique talk to Sara about poetry, prose and knitting   24th Nov 2010    
  Food photographer Sue Hiscoe drops in for a chat with Sara and talks about her latest book   17th Oct 2010    
  Steve Blackman is joined by Halifax MP Linda Riordan for a Q&A session   18th Oct 2010    
  Chantelle is joined in the studio by Sharon and Kelly to discuss the importance of cancer awareness. Personal stories that bring the tragedy of cancer very close to home and Kelly's sacrifice to be able to help raise the profile and a little money for the cause   17th Sept 2013    
  Zoe Mansbridge our very own life coach comes on air once again to tell us different ways to make 2013 great.   8th Jan 2013    
  Zoe Mansbridge comes on air again to talk to Robyn about healing energy   6th Nov 2012    
  Robyn Weightman interviews Zoe Mansbridge, our very own life coach!   16th Oct 2012    
  Robyn Weighman interviews the feel good lady Zoe Mansbridge about change and how to embrace it.   11th Sept 2012    
  Robyn Weightman interviews life coach Zoe Mansbridge about renewing energy.   28th Aug 2012    
  Robyn interviews Zoe Mansbridge about Perfect Present. Find out how to make each day as good as it can be.   17th Jul 2012    
  Robyn interviews Zoe Mansbridge on Body Confidence, mixed in with some awesome cheesy feel good tunes.   19th Jun 2012    
  Robyn interviews Zoe Mansbridge on Energy Flow.   15th May 2012    
  Robyn interviews Zoe Mansbridge on Renew and Recharge.   17th April 2012    
  Robyn and Wayne interview Cat protection.   27th Mar 2012    
  Robyn Interviews Zoes Mansbridge on Meditation and Meaning.   20th Mar 2012    
  Wayne Interviews a real-life guitar hero, Preston Reed   2010    
  Wayne talks to Szilvi, who plays Susan in the play, Fencing for Losers   2010    
  Adam Probets talks about his involvement in making the feature film 'Five Pillars'   9th Dec 2012    
  Kit Johnson; author, business man, philanthropist and bi-polar sufferer, talks to Geoff about living with the condition.   16th Sept 2012    
  Geoff meets and records the pupils of Salterhebble School as they demonstrate their choral skills   22nd Jul 2012    
  Karen Blick talks to Australian solo rock guitarist Joe Matera ahead of his British and European tour to a backdrop of his songs "Travelling West" & "Slave to the Fingers.   5th Jul 2012    
  Karen Blick is visited by Sally Edwards to talk about "Mindfulness", a positive philosophy for today. With a sideline conversation about Holmfirth's premier Festival of Funk.   16th Feb 2012    
  Bob and Megan talk with Zoe McClean from Sainsbury's and hear some fantastic recipes   1st Apr 2011    
  James Greig came in to talk to Flo about The Leprosy Mission   14th Jun 2010