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  Hosted by Ken Hudson      
  Broadcast 4th Sunday of the month 10am - 12pm    


'Roving Folk' - Folk Diary - Songs & Music by Granny's Attic, Melrose Quartet, Albion Christmas band, Gordon Tyrall, York Waits, Crickmore:Crewe, Churchfitters, Barry Smith, Face Furniture, Wilson Family, Bandersnatch, Hilary James, Mrs Porter, Pilgrim's Way, Pete Coe, The Shepherds, Matthews Southern Comfort, Nick Dow, Cohen Braithewaite-Kilcoyne, The Young'Uns, Steeleye Span. ....

  Nov 2017      
  'Roving Folk' - Folk Diary - Songs & Music by Pete Coe, Peggy Seeger, The Fagan Family, Show of Hands, Harry Boardman, Alan Rose & Lynda Hardcastle, Laura Smyth & Ted Kemp, Hebric,Mawkin,Low Moor 1916, Pennine Folk, Kimbers Men, Graham Shaw, Peter Bond, Marie Little, Brian Peters, Jim Causley (CD Review), Steve Tilston, Martha Tilston, Kathryn Tickell ....   Oct 2017    
  'Roving Folk' - Folk Diary - Songs & Music by Regal Slip, Magpie Lane, Paula Ryan, Auldridge & Goldsmith, Harbottle & Jonas, Dave Burland, Pete Coe, Liz Simcock, Jolly Fine Company Company, Pat Ryan, Foxglove Trio, Show of Hands, Moirai (CD Review), Cockersdale, Hickman & Cassidy, Kathryn Tickell, Roger Davies, Shirley & Dolly Collins, Keith Kendrick, Gordon Giltrap ......   Sept  2017    
  'Roving Folk' - Folk Diary - Songs & Music by Grandson of Morris On, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Jim Causley, Moirai, Roger Davies, Maypoles to Mistletoe, Sowerby Bridge Morris, Dave Burland, Colum Sands, `Jeff Warner, Tannahill Weavers, Bob Fox, Frank O'Neill, Derek Gifford, Hicks & Goulbourn, Hedgehog Pie, Belshazzar's Feast, The Bromleys ......   Aug  2017    

'Roving Folk' -  Four Years of roving around the world of Folk - Tom Paxton Barrie & Ingrid Temple, Robin Dransfield, Dalesman's Litany, Swan Arcade, Kate Rusby, Old Swan band, Druids, The Young'Uns, Cythara, Changing Room, Mighty Doonans, Ed Pickford, High Kings, Sharon Shannon, Mumford & Sons, Dubliners, Cyril tawney, Bob Fox, Kings of the South Seas, Planxty ....... 

  July 2017    

'Roving Folk' - Folk Diary - Farewell to Vin - Songs & Music by Oysterband, Damian Clarke, Bob Pegg, Jim Jarrett, Tees-side Fettlers, Vin Garbutt, Caffrey, McGurk & Madge,  Long Hill Ramblers, Hebric, Seth Lakeman, Yan Tan Tether, Colum Sands, John Tams, Lucy Ward, Merry Hell, Roger Sutcliffe, Jez Lowe ...

  June 2017    



'Roving Folk' - Folk Diary - Songs and Music by Cloudstreet, Wilson McGladdery, Wilcock & Guest, Bob Pegg, Reg Meuross, Caffrey, McGurk & Madge, Keith Kendrick, Sally Barker, Sam Sweeney, Robb Johnson, Show of Hands, Long Hill ramblers, Peggy Seeger, Russell & Algar, Russell & Parkinson, Quicksilver .....

  May 2017    
  'Roving Folk' - Folk Diary - Songs & Music by Albion Country Band, June Tabor, Great Big Sea, Pete Morton, Shirley Collins, Strawhead, Pegleg Ferret, Rosie Stewart, Fil Campbell, Granny's Attic, Joe Stead, Hebric, Kimber's Men., Bob Pegg, Watersons, Wayward Band, Lowland Folk 4, The Shee, Roisin Ban, Reg Meuross, CBS .   April 2017    
  'Roving Folk' - Folk Diary - Songs & Music by Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe, Trials o Cato, Joe Stead, Tommy Sands, Paul Robeson, Chris Hendry & Johnny Handle, Nick Dow, Mark Dowding,Fil campbell, 3 Daft Monkeys, Lucy Ward, Moira Craig, Tams & Coope, Madd Prior, Eddi Reader, Megson, Rattle on the Stovepipe....  


March 2017


  'Roving Folk' - Folk Diary - Songs & Music by Fairport, Dublin Legends, Shirley Collins, Mick Ryan, Jez Lowe, Dave Goulder, Jim Moray, Johnny Handle & Chris Hendry,Tom McConville, Richard Digance, Sam Kelly Trio, Kris Drever, Martin Carthy, Roy Bailey, Strawbs, Teacups, Claire Hastings, Roy Wilcock & Bridget Guest ..   Feb. 2017    
  'Roving Folk' - Jan 2017 - Songs & Music connected with the month - Folk Diary - Hebric, Richard Thompson, Albion band, McAlmans, Corries, Davy Steele, Tom Lewis, Basco, ray Hearne, Marry Waterson, Hut People, Tom paxton, Robin Laing, GigSpanner, Granny's Attic, Houghton Weavers, Steve Turner, Pete Coe, John Kirkpatrick, Transports, Northlands ....   Jan. 2017    

'Roving Folk' - Dec 2016 - Special Christmas Compendium 2016 - broadcast on Christmas Day - Songs and Music for  the Festive Season incl. Johnny Coppin, Kate Rusby, Magpie Lane, Maddy Prior, John Kirkpatrick,  McGarrigles, Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Barbara Dickson, Shirley Collins, Blacxkmore's Night, Mary Black, Moya Brennan, Steeleye Span, Gryphon & Hammered Dulcimer Music

  Dec. 2016    
  'Roving Folk' - Nov 2016 - Songs & Music connected with the month  - Folk Diary - HEBRIC 3 Track Challenge - Demon Barbers XL, Maddy Prior, Brian Peters, Kate Rusby, Houghton Weavers, Mark Knopfler, Fureys, Tom McConville, York Waits, Salsa Celtica, Albion Christmas Band, Churchfitters, Dave Burland, Vin Garbutt, Martha Tilston ...   Nov. 2016    
  ''Roving Folk' - Oct 2016 - Songs & Music connected with the month  - Folk Diary - Child Migration CD Review  ... Corries, Kath Reade, Show of Hands, Roger Davies, Fox & Luckley, Gilmore & Roberts, Hilary James & Simon Mayor, Jim Eldon, Kimber's Men, Tom Lewis, Megson, Roy Bailey, Bob Pegg, Mumford, Simon & Garfunkel ...   Oct. 2016    
  'Roving Folk' - Sept 2016 - Songs & Music connected with the month  - Folk Diary   ...  Steeleye Span, Runrig, Corries, Archie Fisher, Martin Carthy, Andy Irvine, Keith Kendrick,Ian Campbell Group, Dana & Susan Robinson, Debra Cowan, Kris Drever, Jimmy Crowley, Kieron Means & Sara Gray, We Banjo 3,Ralph McTell ...   Sept. 2016    
  'Roving Folk' - August 2016 - Topic 60  - Granny's Attic CD Review - Carnival Band, Lord Kitchener,Dana & Susan Robinson, Georgina Boyes, Hamish Imlach, Archie & Ray Fisher, Peggy Seeger, Nick Dow, Debra Cowan, Russell & Algar, Norman Blake, Nic Jones, Bruce Molsky ...   August 2016    
  'Roving Folk' - July 2016 - Songs & Music - festivals - Topic FC 1966 - Granny's Attic, Martyn Wyndham Read, Wilsons, Yan Tan Tether, Roger Sutcliffe, Guy carawan, Eric Bibb, Alex campbell, Matt McGinn, Harry Boardman, Ruth & sadie Price, Bill Price, The Teacups, Tale of Ale Revisited, Johnny Handle, Bernard Wrigley, Marie Little, Vin G ...   July 2016