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The Phoenix Progressive Rock Zone
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Broadcast Mondays 10pm - 11pm

Sam - 1st and 3rd Monday : Geoff - 2nd Monday : ProgYes with Tim hunter - 4th Monday

(this is a 4 week cycle - NOT the weeks during each month)

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The ProgZone with Geoff

The final show in this series. All tracks played are ones released during the past couple of years including offerings from Leaving Eden, Royal Hunt, Place Vendome, Norda Mullen, Arc Angel & Ajenda. 27th Jan 2014
another great show 30th Dec 2013
another great show 4th Nov 2013
Plenty of new material this month with offerings from Fergie Frederiksen, Find Me and local band Lost Weekend. Also playing Blackmore's Night, Steve Hackett, Little Angels, Leaving Eden and Sheffield band Gaia. A personal tribute to Martin Reed R.I.P. 12th Aug 2013
With old and new from Blackmore's Night, a look into the archives, a little about the local scene and a whole lot more to boot. 17th Jun 2013
A selection of old, new and so new it isn't released yet. With a little good news for Canterbury and Ramsgate. selection of the old 20th May 2013
Somewhat hindered by the atrocious weather, Geoff brings you a selection including Yes, BJH, Fez, Gizmo, Karnataka, Jethro Tull, Supertramp, Mike Oldfield, Manfred Manns Earth Band and The Fevertrees. 25th Mar 2013
An all too brief look at 'The Canterbury Scene', featured band & interview with 'Gizmo', tracks from National Health, Gong, Soft Machine, Egg & Caravan and a special guest appearance & message from 'The Emperor Rosco'. 25th Feb 2013
A look at some of the artists playing March's Y-Prog festival at Sheffield Corporation March 15th~17th, Including Riverside, It Bites, Sankara, Awooga and more.
28th Jan 2013
A preview of the April 2013 HRH Prog festival at Magna, Rotherham.
31st Dec 2012
The ProgZone with Sam
Prog 10th Feb 2014
Anathema, Jethro Tull, Vanden Plas, Dream Theater, ELO
12th August 2013
Jethro Tull, Steve Hacket, Greenslade, Nazareth, Galahad, Barclay James Harvest, Gryphon, Curved Art
8th July 2013
Vanden Plas, Dream Theater, Anathema, Colosseum, Pendragon, Marillion,
24thJune 2013
HP Lovecraft, Rush, E.L.O, Antony + Johnsons, The Unthanks, Rick Wakeman, Twelth Night, Caravan, Greenslade, and Zzebra.
25th June 2012
Tangerine dream, consoaium, galahadi, Beggars Opera, IQ, The Gathering, Arthur Brown + Kingdom Come, The Mahavishnv Orchestra. 28th May 2012
ProgYes with Tim Hunter
ProgYes Jan 2014
ProgYes Dec 2013
ProgYes Nov 2013
ProgYes 21st Oct 2013
ProgYes 26 : ProgWest
23rd Sept 2013
ProgYes 25 26th August 2013
ProgYes 24 29th July 2013
ProgYes 23 3rd June 2013
ProgYes 22 6th May 2013
ProgYes 21 8th April 2013
ProgYes 20
11th March 2013
ProgYes 19 Feb 2013
ProgYes 18 14th Jan 2013