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Single Release: Pathetic Island Fallacy

Label: Bunnysnot Records

Release Date: March 5th 2012

"We take them by the boarder, then we take them by the hand, Welcome to the promised land..."

That's the vitriolic, sarcastic lyrical mode that frontman Wolfgang C Bailey finds himself exuberantly revelling in. As a pentagonalMotley Crue, not too dissimilar to Metallica circa 'Load! / Reload / S+M' (take your pick) these sons of anarchy swagger into your speakers like the illigitimate love-children of Dog Fashion Disco and ('Angel Must Die' period) Faith no More.

'Pathetic Island Fallacy' feel lyrically and musically bang up-to-date, socio-politically spouting viscious diatribes about the current state of affairs in "Formerly Great Britain". Don Demrow's pounding drums are a thunderclap to the carotid artery. All 4 guitars, rhythm, lead and bass wrap around each other like poisonous riff-humping snakes. Simply put, PseudoNympho are the kind of guys that you'd want on your side in a Rock 'n' Roll coalition government. Thirsty for protest and hungry for metal and change...just as long as you don't want to change the station...

written by Wayne. M Illingworth