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  Hosted by Sam / Geoff    
  Broadcast 1st & 3rd / 2nd Monday (on a rolling 4 weeks) 10pm - 11pm    

The musical definition of Prog is something that pushes boundaries - and not all boundaries were pushed in the synth-filled 70's...Geoff will be mixing the new with the old, while Sam searches through some of the heavier areas of Prog, including bands such as Dream Theatre.

If you're not sure what prog rock is and you are interested in hearing news, discussion and debate about this genre (and interviews with Prog rockers) tune in to find out more. Whether you prefer 'purist' Prog or the more accessible end of the genre, you will find something here to suit you.




Get in contact with the show:

Phone: 01422 365923

Text: 07766 404142 put "phoenix" before your message