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 Show  for 8th May 2016  

This Week on Blues in the Nite Playing you the best of Blues and heavy Blues-Rock ! and this week featuring a classic Blues - Rock album " Leadbetter Heights " from Kenny Wayne Shepherd , his very first recording at the tender age of only Seventeen and lots of Blues - Rock Music to keep you going thru' the Nite . Enjoy Y'ALL !!! ( Cos I Will ) And also giving My best wishes to all the People of Alberta C.A. and hope everything works out for you Guys ! as all the World Does !!!!

                                          Tony Fitton 


Playlist for 8th May 2016 

1. Born With A Broken Heart - Kenny Wayne Shepherd

2. Never Looking Back - Kenny Wayne Shepherd

3. But On The Other Hand - Kenny WayneShepherd & Koko Taylor

4. The Boy can Sing The Blues - Glenn Hughes

5. Life Of Misery - Glenn Hughes

6. Firebrand Rebel - Riick Derringer

7. Blue Boogie - Rick Derringer

8. Big Bad Boogie - Little John Chrisley

9. High Heel Shoes - Jon Butcher

10.Flyin`Free - Craig Erickson

11.Diablo Canyon - The Outlaws

12.Down By The Water - The Decemberists

13.Just Another Rider - Gregg Allman

14.I Used To Be A Cop - Drive-By Truckers

15.Never Gonna Change - Drive By Truckers

16.Jefferson Jericho Blues -Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker

17.Thunder On The Mountain - Wanda Jackson

18.Rio Grande Blues - Ken Valdez

19.Shame, Shame, Shame - Kenny Wayne Shepherd

20.Hit Me On the Hip - Ronnie Baker Brooks

21.If I',m Gone - Sheriffs of Nottingham

22.How Blue Can You Get - Jesse Davey

23.I'm Leaving You (Commit a Crime) - Kenny Wayne Shepherd

24.Tell Me - Stevie Ray Vaughan

25.Willie The Wimp - Stevie Ray Vaughan

26.Mary Had A Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughan

27.Blues Thunder - Brad Wilson

28.Jesus Redemptor - Dynamite Daze

29.Burnin' Hell - Jazzy Castor

30.Shake For Me - Jane Lee Hooker

31.Keep You Around Too Long - Albert Castigilia

32.Bootleg - Mike Zito & The Wheel

33.Holler n Howl - Rusty Jacks

34.This Train - Joe Bonamassa

35.One Big Lie - Black Circles

36.I'm A Woman Eliana Cargnelutti

37.Deja Voodoo - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
































Friends of Blues in the Nite




Demon Blues Rocker Extroadinare

( The Best )


Trail blazin' Blues Rocker


An amazing Band!


Blues Extroadinare and a really nice guy


This guy is incredible and so Bluesy


Gorgeous and so Talented , New album is released March 25th and is fantastic should be in all collections !!!!!!!


A very good Friend of ours over there in good ol' TEXAS who plays awesome Music so check him out, you'll love it!


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This lady is blessed with the voice of an  Angel and Plays a mean Guitar

anPearl Handled Revolver

These Guys will just Blow you away with their Incredible Blues Rockin'


Blues In The Nite is now working in conjuction with Keighley Blues Club visit their website:


The Robin Hoare band with Tony and Fran

Danny and Robin from The Robin Hoare Band with Tony and Franki

Robin, Danny, Tony and Fran

Lucy singing the blues

Lucy Zirins performs live in the studio

Lucy, Fran and Tony

Lucy with Franki and Tony

Me with an old Gretch Copy ?????