Located in the popular wharf development in Sowerby Bridge, Temujin is a unique dining experience.

There is a starter selection, as with all restaurants, but there the similarities end!

What makes this very different is the process. You are invited to select from an array of vegetables including bamboo shoots, water chestnuts bean-sprouts and a dozen others. Next you are free to choose from beef, chicken, pork, fish, calamari or tofu. Having made your selection you take your plate to the awaiting chef and there in lies the fun part! You can request your stir fry to be cooked in any of 4 oils, 11 different sauce combos and more than a dozen garnishes. To work out the number of permutations this could offer is beyond my mathematical abilities but guarantees an fresh and explosive taste sensation. Once instructed, the chef proceeds to stir fry the meal in front of you complete with 4 foot flames! No wonder non of them have eyebrows! After what seemed like only a minute, your food is served back to you n a bowl.

On my first visit I had fillet of beef strips cooked in herb oil and Char Sui sauce with a selection of veg and noodles. As we waited for the chef to cook off our food, rice was delivered to the table as an accompaniment. Simon went for the pork and our subsequent visits sampled the chicken and 'Mahi Mahi' fish with different combinations of oils, sauces and garnishes. As you can probably gather, you can keep going back as many times as your appetite demands and never need to have the same thing twice. The flavours and the tenderness of the meat and fish were superb.

There is no need to feel at all guilty as this method of stir fry is probably the most healthy way to cook. Given the speed at which the chefs prepare this is definitely the best 'fast food' you can get.

This restaurant is ideal for family groups and the kids will be highly entertained by the chefs antics, and, it's a great way to get them eating vegetables!

Owner David Johnstone is enthusiastic (almost evangelical!) about getting our younger generation to eat healthily and is in the process of touring schools around Calderdale to show how quick and easy it is to stir fry yourself as a healthy alternative to the ubiquitous burger.

- Bob Tipton

TEMUJIN Restaurant

The Moorings

1 Canal Basin


(01422) 835500


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