The Astral Plain

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We went along to see The Astral Plain on Saturday the 13th of August, earlier on in the night we met the band before watching them perform.

The supporting act was David Gaunt, who stepped in at the last minuteas the original support had to back out, David cancelled a gig of his own to fill the slot in support of The Astral Plain. He's been a musician for 15 years, starting out at the age of 29.

His musical influences include Kurt Kobain, Noel Gallagher and The Sterophonics. David's music genre is country and western with his voice having a likeness to a more up-beat Tim McGraw. The majority of his songs were originals, highlighting his ability as a songwriter.

His guest singer on the night was Danny Varley who sang Oasis's - Wonderwall. His voice was almost identical to Liam Gallagher's, who sang the song originally. Danny also sang a duet with David which was called Cast No Shadow showing their ability to work well together.

The headline act was 'The Astral Plain', a five piece alternative rock band from Halifax. They formed in 2009 and consist ofCraig Fee, Michelle Hunter, Michael Addy, Lucas Unwin and James Taylor.

The bands vocalists, Michelle and Craig (also rhythm guitarist) have clear voices; they have a similar tone to each other providing a good harmony which further improved the performance.

They performed a range of songs, from originals to covers and from up-tempo to more mellow songs. As a relatively new and unknown band, we understand that it can be tough, but their confidence built throughout the night and we feel the more often they perform, the stronger their performances will become.

We saw a potential resemblance in Michelle's voice to that of Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanescence; if Michelle pushes her voice to the limits we are sure that she could achieve performances of a similar quality.

They opened with 'Least Conviction' which was also our favourite song of the night - the chorus was our favourite, where they put a lot of heart in, singing it as one. Throughout the night, they also sang 'Love Remains' and 'Pale Powdered Skin' all of which were original songs, and a few more including a cover of 'Forget Her' which was originally sung by Jeff Buckley.

Halfway through the gig, the crowd grew to a total number of around 25 people. For a young and unknown band, this was a terrific turnout, and none of those in the crowd was disappointed with what they were discovering.

Their final song of the night was 'Exposing Light of the Moon' - another one of the original songs they sung that night, which was performed really well and was well received by the crowd.

Overall the band performed well and we wish them all the best in the future and we would recommend going to see them at future gigs.

- Philippa Smith and Tasha Smith