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Broadcast the 4th Sunday of the month - 10am-12noon

23rd January 2022

In this first edition of Roving Folk for 2022 – we have Vic Gammon telling us of his time with the Etchingham Steam band – and giving news of his latest CD – Geoff Twentyman with his folk diary to tell us what is going on in the weeks to come – and David Kidman continues his search for new releases to recommend –– with music from ……

Alan Lomax & The Ramblers – Railroad Man; Alan Lomax & The Ramblers – Dirty Old Town; Etchingham Steam Band – Horn Fair; Etchingham Steam Band – Some Tyrant Has Stolen My True Love Away; Fairport Convention – Walk Awhile – Live at The Brasenose Arms 2021; Doc Watson & Family – Grandfather’s Clock; Chris Manners – Jigsaw; Sue Burgess – Yorkshire Girls; Peter & Barbara Snape – Work Boys Work; Stuart Douglas – Daisy Lady; Vic Gammon & Friends – ‘The Marquis of Carmarthen’s Birthday & The Collier’s Daughter’; Nathan Evans – Wellerman Shanty; The Longest Johns – The Workers Song; Flook – Reel for Rubik & Toward the Sun; Chad – I Love Susie in the Supermarket; Spell Songs II – Moth; Spell Songs II – Gorse; Christy Moore – Greenland; Mississippi Fred & Annie Mae McDowell – Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning; Vic Gammon – Ash and Alder; Vic Gammon – Anxiety; Chumbawumba – Song on the Times; Robin Grey – John Ball; Celtic Thunder – Working Man …….

26th December 2021

Welcome to Roving Folk – this month – we are roving out on Boxing Day – the feast of St. Stephen – we have seasonal music and songs of celebration – Geoff Twentyman is here with his folk diary to tell us what is going on in the weeks to come – and David Kidman offers his very own seasonal selection – with music from ……

Jody Marshall – Winter’s Run & Troika; Lonnie Donegan – Virgin Mary; ; Lonnie Donegan – On A Christmas Day; Chad with Hazel – Foxtrot Tango Calling; Hazel with Chad – Christmas Fairy; Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews – Song for Christmas; Maypoles to Mistletoe Cast – The Rose Of Sharon; Gordon Tyrall – Ballad (The Roseys Red); Maggie Boyle & Gary Boyle – Follow the Star; Jez Lowe – Christmas Beach Party; Derek & Dorothy Elliott – Bring Us a Barrel; Merry Hell – Leave it in the Ground; Ed Pickford – Hamster Sid; Elizabeth Mitchell – Joy to the World (feat. Jay Ungar); The Voice Squad – The Holly She Bears a Berry; Coope, Boyes & Simpson – Nowell and Nowell; Joni Mitchell – River (With French Horns); Trilogy – Snow Shanty; Johnny Duncan and the Bluegrass Boys – Footsteps in The Snow; Phil Beer – Lo! What A Glorious Sight Appears; Michell, Pfeiffer & Kulesh – The Cossack’s Bride; Narthen – Cold Blow These Winter Winds; Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher – Weary Winter; Partners in Crime – Death or Glory Wassail; Arrowsmith: Robb Trio – Bright New Year; Eliza Carthy – Jack Frost; Waterson: Carthy – Residue, Sing Residue; Steeleye Span – The King; Salsa Celtica – Auld Lang Syne …..

28th November 2021

Welcome to Roving Folk – this month – we’re rapidly rambling toward the festive season – and there are one or two seasonal songs – Mike Butler (author of Sounding the Century – the life and times of Bill Leader) takes up our 3 track challenge – choosing 3 tracks from the vast catalogue of music recorded by Bill Leader – more organisations are taking cautious steps to return to ‘Live’ music – so Geoff Twentyman returns with his not-so-mini folk diary to tell you what is going on – and where it’s likely to be happening  – and David Kidman recommends some new releases ….

 with music from ….   The Chieftains; Andy Irvine & Paul Brady; Rosie Anderson; Fialla; The Incredible String Band; The York Waits; Hockey Feltwell; Crickmore: Crewe; John Renbourn; Belshazzar’s Feast; Awake Arise; Melrose Quartet; Katy Rose Bennett; Kate Green; Ann Briggs; Laurie Lee C ; Coope, Boyes & Simpson; Roy Bailey; Dave Burland ….

24th October 2021

Welcome to Roving Folk – this month – we’ve rambled into the time of mists, mellow fruitfulness & magic – there are  one or two seasonal songs – singer/songwriter Chris Manners takes up our 3 track challenge – more organisations are taking cautious steps to return to ‘Live’ music – so Geoff Twentyman returns with his not-so-mini folk diary and a review of Lark Rise (the show) –  there are still some on-line Zoom meetings to take note of – and David Kidman recommends some new releases … with music from ….

Peter Paul and Mary; Harry Boardman; Chad; The Watersons; Salif Keïta; Fabulous Salami Brothers; Artisan; Richard Thompson; Chris Manners; Barrie And Ingrid Temple; Archie Fisher; The Albion Band; Martin Carthy; Albion Band; Sillertides; Green Diesel; John Tams; Lark Rise Cast; Germa Adan; Granny’s Attic; Mankala …..

26th September 2021

Welcome to Roving Folk – this month – it’s a time for hedging, ditching, thinking of English meadows and fields and preparing the land for winter – so you know what the theme of at least some of our songs will be!  …..  this month, some organisations are taking very cautious steps to return to ‘Live’ music – so Geoff Twentyman returns with a mini-folk diary to tell you what is happening – and where it’s likely to be happening, if all goes well – there are still some on-line Zoom meetings to take note of – and David Kidman recommends some new releases –

 – with music from ….  Silly Sisters; Maddy Prior & the Girls; Robin and Barry Dransfield; John Conolly; Michael Chapman; Joseph Spence; Windborne; Etienne de Lavaulx; Blakely & Son; Damian Clarke; Doug Eunson and Sarah Matthews; Chris Manners; Nic Jones; Mark Dowding; Chad; Spiers & Boden; A L Lloyd – Simon Emmerson; A L Lloyd; Belle Stewart; Marsden Rattlers; Roly Veitch; Andrew Murray; Artisan; Barrie and Ingrid Temple; Albion Band …….

25th July 2021

This is our 4th Virtual Festival of Folk past & present – and we have a number of venues to visit – the emerald green Irish Marquee – the Mellow Memories Marquee – Mrs Porter’s Music Hall Marquee – the Presentation Tent and Stage – the Harrogate Folk Club Singaround – the Ryburn 3 Step ‘No Pressure Session’ Marquee – Meet the Roll Back the Carpet Appalachian Dancers – and our Family Concert courtesy of Mossy Christian and the Northumbrian Gathering 2021 organisers …..

Our virtual festivals began in July 2018 – as a way of giving listeners the opportunity to design their own festival – a question was asked – ‘If you were a festival organiser – with unlimited funding – who would you like to appear at your festival ?’ The brainstorming sessions resulted in so many names of artists being mentioned – that we were able to plan a number of festivals !

One of the advantages of having a virtual festival is that we can include recordings of much-loved artists who are no longer with us.

Hebric, The Voice Squad, The Chieftains, Cloudstreet, Tom Paley and more.

27th June 2021

In this June edition of Roving Folk – we have music from Jim Causley – appearing this month at the Ryburn3Step Virtual Concert – Mick Maloney has some memories of folk in the 60s – and his time with The Johnstons – Dave Burland talks about making his early recordings with Bill Leader – and there are more recommended recent releases from David Kidman.

Jim Causley, James Findlay & Jim Causley, Mick Maloney, Christy Moore, The Johnstons (1) and more.

23rd May 2021

In Roving Folk this month – we have songs and music connected to the time of year – Jan Porter and Nigel Swan have a couple of songs on the theme of May – more recommended recent releases from David Kidman – and music and songs from the ‘cutting-room floor’ – with music and songs from Robin & Barry Dransfield, Sandy Denny, Jan Porter & Nigel Swan, Archie Fisher, Jan Porter & Nigel Swan, The Changing Room, Steeleye Span, James Taylor, Fairport Convention, Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer, Roy Harris, The Druids, Keith Kendrick & Sylvie Needham, Barry Skinner, David Mallett, Will Noble, The Watersons, New Mill Male Voice Choir, Cambridge & Walker, Nancy Kerr, Mike Harding, Chad, Bellowhead, Jon Boden, Lady Maisery, The Albion Band, Planxty ….

Robin & Barry Dransfield, Sandy Denny, Jan Porter & Nigel Swan, Archie Fisher, The Changing Room and more.

25th April 2021

In Roving Folk this month – Jez Lowe is bravely taking up the Roving Folk Three Track Challenge – and tells us how his latest album was put together – we welcome the new editorial team for the Folk Roundabout magazine by playing a couple of their favourite tracks – local historian Mary Twentyman is once again diving into Census Records looking for pearls of information and connections with folk song – this time battling the waves to find out more about Grace Darling – we also have more recommended recent releases from David Kidman – a song and a recollection from Chad – and, Geoff Twentyman’s ‘Dreadfully Delayed Diary Dates’ taking us back in time – the last visit before his time travelling machine goes in for a service ….

Don Partridge, Sue McBurney, Shirley Collins, Martin Simpson & The Wilsons, Steve Tilston and more.

28th March 2021

In Roving Folk this month – we celebrate Pete Coe’s birthday – having reached 75 years young ! – by playing some tracks nominated by Pete – among his tracks, Pete includes a BANDOGGS track not included previously on any albums – unveiled for the very 1st time on ’Roving Folk’ ! The show is also an opportunity to celebrate Chris Coe’s achievements – there will be a belated presentation of Chris’s EFDSS Gold Badge at a Ryburn Zoom Gathering on Wed. 31st March. Having just completed her 2021 Census, local historian Mary Twentyman is once again diving into Census Records looking for pearls of information and connections with folk song – we also have some recommended recent releases from David Kidman – more of Chad’s Recollections – and, in this time of ‘covid’, Geoff Twentyman’s ‘Dreadfully Delayed Diary Dates’ taking us back in time ….

Ar Log, Ewan MacColl, Jimmy Cooper, O J Abbott, Pete & Chris Coe and more.


28th February 2021

Roving Folk – 28th Feb 2021 In Roving Folk this month – the waves are washing the songs to shore –- Jim Mageean – perhaps better known as ‘Shanty Jim’ – takes up the Roving Folk ‘Three Track Challenge’ – Local historian Mary Twentyman dives into Census Records looking for connections with folk song – local singer/songwriter Chad paddles through his recollections of Jake Thackeray – Geoff Twentyman swims among his Dreadfully Delayed Diary Dates – and David Kidman trawls recent releases…..

Nina & Frederik, Mick Peat and the Ripley Wayfarers, Intarsia, Dora Darling, Owen Brannigan and more.

24th January 2021

In Roving Folk this month – it’s very seasonal – winter and the weather – and since it is Burns Night on 25th Jan. – there’s a Scottish flavour – local singer/songwriter Chad offers his recollections of meeting Jake Thackeray – Geoff Twentyman presents his latest Dreadfully Delayed Diary Dates – and David Kidman recommends some new releases ….

Christy Moore – January Man; Dave Goulder -The Man Who Put The Engine In The Chip shop; Patrick Faux Chadwick (Chad) – A Scottish Story; Georges Brassen – La Parapluie; Battlefield Band -The Snows of France & Holland; Battlefield Band -Sauchiehall Street Salsa; Dave & Annie Fentiman – Limehouse Reach; Barrie And Ingrid Temple – Coming In Song; Simon Mayor & Hilary James – Winter; Narthen – Cold Blow These Winter Winds; Jez Lowe – Louisa’s Choosing; Katie Kirk & Rick Williams – Weeping Well; Katie Kirk & Rick Williams – Tell Me, Tell Me, Sarah Jane; Cohen Braithwaite-Kilkoyne – The Jolly Highwayman; Dolores Keane – Month of January; Ray Hearne – Song for David; Damian Barber & Mike Wilson – A Pilgrims Way; Andy M. Stewart – The Lea Rig; Johnny Cunningham and Susan McKeown – A Winter Charm of Lasting Life; Johnny Cunningham – A Winter Talisman; McColl & Seeger – I Like to Settle in the Winter-time; Archie Fisher-The Terror Time; The Tannahill Weavers – Ca’ the Yowes; The Tannahill Weavers – The Bell Rock Set; Dougie Maclean ~ Ae Fond Kiss; Jake Thackray – The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle; Bob Fox – Snowfalls …..

27th December 2020

In Roving Folk this month – it’s show number 90 ! – and Ken is joined by a number of friends of the show with their seasonal contributions – Johnny Adams, and his good lady Chris, offer their choice of seasonal tracks – it’s hard to believe that this is the 90th show since Ken took over this folk slot for Phoenix FM – from Johnny in July 2013 !- so, yes –  we have songs and music connected with the time of year – including a song from Pauline & Alice Jones – local singer/songwriter Chad  – no recollections this month – but we do have two of his Christmas songs ! – Geoff Twentyman has the 2nd edition of his Dreadfully Delayed Diary Dates (going back in time to the month of January in 1981 and also 1995) – Mary Twentyman presenting a feature on  ‘Maypoles to Mistletoe’  – and David Kidman recommending some seasonal new releases – just right for Show no.90 … with songs and music from …..

Fialla – Bold Doherty; Mossy Christian – Quicksteps; Pauline Jones and Alice Jones – Bright Morning Star; The Watersons – Emmanuel; Jed Marum – Banjos we Have Heard on High; Martyn Wyndham-Read & Chris Brown – Season’s Turn; Martyn Wyndham-Read and Company – Long and Lonely Winter; Billy Bennett – Please Let Me Sleep on Your Doorstep (1930); Martyn Wyndham-Read & Chris Brown – Carol for New Year’s Day; Phil Tanner – The Wassail Song; Roaring Jelly – Christmas In Australia; Vin Garbutt – Lynda; Bob Pegg – The Last Dance; Burd Ellen – Coventry Carol; Melrose Quartet – Mount Moriah; Melrose Quartet – Come, See the Boys Go Round; Strawhead – Oh, Have You Seen My Pussy; John Wright Band – Reconciliation; Chad – Foxtrot Tango Calling; Hazel with Chad – Christmas Fairy; Mossy Christian – Homeward Bound …..

Christmas Compendium No.2

In the Roving Folk Christmas Compendium No.2 – another bag-full of goodies to lead us on through the Festive Season – with more songs and music from ……

Johnny Coppin – Drive Cold Winter Away; Kate Rusby – Sweet Chiming Bells; Magpie Lane – Christmas Day In the Morning &The Sussex Carol; The Hammered Dulcimer Trio – Here we come a-Carolling; James Fagan & Nancy Kerr – Sweet Peace; John Tams – Snow Falls; Steeleye Span – Down in Yon Forest; John Kirkpatrick – The Great Christmas Pud; Steeleye Span – Winter; Kate & Anna McGarrigle – Travellin’ on for Jesus; Loreena McKennit – The Seven Rejoices of Mary; Enya – The Forge of The Angels; L. Scott Miller & Jim Wood – Angels We Have Heard on High; Barbara Dickson – The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came; Blue Murder – Stars in My Crown; Moya Brennan – Bright Star; Maddy Prior – Serving Girl’s Holiday; We Banjo 3 – Deck the Halls with lots of Banjos; Kate & Anna McGarrigle – Blanche Comme La Neige; Gryphon – Pastime with Good Company; Loreena McKennit – In the Bleak Midwinter; Steeleye Span – Bright Morning Star; Kate Rusby – Hail Chime On; Mary o Callahan – Joy to the World; Shirley Collins & Davy Graham – The Cherry Tree Carol; Mary Black – Brand New Star; Barbara Dickson – Of the Father’s Love Begotten; Steeleye Span – Gaudete; Steeleye Span – Sing we the Virgin Mary; L. Scott Miller & Jim Wood – Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus; Magpie Lane – The Somerset Wassail; Kate Rusby – Awake, Arise Good Christians; Blackmore’s Night -Winter (Basse Dance); Magpie Lane – Here we come a-wassailing; Magpie Lane – Hogmanay Jig; Blackmore’s Night – We wish you a Merry Christmas ……..

Christmas Compendium No.1

In the Roving Folk Christmas Compendium No.1 – a bag-full of goodies to lead us on through the Festive Season – with songs and music from ……

Tom Paxton – Home to Me (is Anywhere You Are); Blackmore’s Night – Wish You Were Here; Coope Boyes & Simpson with Fi Fraser, Jo Freya & Georgina Boyes – Wexford Carol; Kate Rusby – The Holly and the Ivy; Shirley & Dolly Collins – The Gower Wassail; The Teacups – The Bellringing; Johnny Coppin – The Mummer’s Jig; Loreena McKennitt – The Mummers’ Dance; Tim Van Eyken – The Year Turns Round Again; John Kirkpatrick – The Sherbourne Mummers’ Song; Derek& Dorothy Elliott – Wassail Song; Lucy Ward, Bella Hardy, James Findlay & Brian Peters – The Moon Shines Bright; Enya – O Come O Come Emmanuel; Johnny Coppin – The Forest Carol; John Kirkpatrick – The Pantomime Schottische; Regal Slip – Lullay Carol; Blackmore’s Night – Christmas Eve; Enya – One Toy Soldier; Carnival Band – This is the Truth & Sing Sing All Earth; The Voice Squad – Kilmore Carol; Alison Krauss & Union Station – Frozen Fields; Martyn Wyndham Read – The Joys of Mary; Clannad – Hear the Christmas Angels; Dolores Keane – Like the First Time its Christmas; Coope, Boyes, Simpson – The Copper Family Christmas Song; Carnival Band – Ring the Bell, Watchman; Maggie Boyle – We’ll Follow That Star; Doc Watson – Cradle Song; Kate Rusby – Chiming Christmas Bells; John Tams – The Snow Falls; Elizabeth Mitchell – Mary Had a Baby; Geoff & Pennie Harris – The York Waits; York Waites – Gaudete; The Carnival Band – Monsieur Charpentier’s Christmas Stomp; Johnny Coppin – The Rebel Jesus; Coope Boyes & Simpson with Fi Fraser, Jo Freya & Georgina Boyes – Hail Chime On; Artisan – Holly & Mistletoe Days; Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick – The King …….

22nd November 2020

In Roving Folk this month  – local singer/songwriter Chad with more of his recollections – Geoff Twentyman has a new feature, this month he presents his Dreadfully Delayed Diary Dates, transporting us back to 1975 – Sue McBurney of the Pie Crust Folk Club in Denby Dale takes up the Roving Folk Three Track Challenge – and David Kidman recommends some new releases … and songs and music from ….

Fialla – Maid on the Shore; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Mr Bojangles; Fialla – Pound-a-Week Rise; Hannah & James Jenkins – Where will the last flower grow; Wally Whyton – Leave Them A Flower; Stephane Grappelli with The Diz Disley Trio – Road to Gundagai; Dave Swarbrick, Diz Disley & Martin Carthy – Dill Pickle Rag; Derek Brimstone – We Both Had A Very Good Time; Paco Peña – La Alcazaba (Verdiales); Roy Bailey – Dalesman’s Litany; Miriam Backhouse – The Recruited Collier; Damien & The Omen – Let the Wind Blow High or Low; Plexus – Davy; Swan Arcade – Dwelling in Beulah Land; Press-Gang Mutiny – Stormalong John; Merry Hell – Three Little Lions; Kris Kristofferson – Me and Bobby McGee; Woody Guthrie – This Land Is Your Land; Tom Paxton – I Can’t Help but Wonder Where I’m Bound; Sue McBurney – L’Oiseau; Tom Richardson – Blind Jack; Teesside Fettlers -Whitby Whaler …….

25th October 2020

In Roving Folk this month – songs and music connected with the time of year – memories of folk in the 60s with Mick Moloney – local singer/songwriter Chad making some connections – Geoff Twentyman looking at The Cry of Tin – Tom Richardson of Harrogate Folk Club takes up the Roving Folk Three Track Challenge –  David Kidman  recommends some new releases – we celebrate the life of Jim Irvine by playing The Marsden Rattlers  ….. and songs and music from …..

Steeleye Span – One Misty Moisty Morning; Timothy Seaman & Ann Robinson – The Foggy Dew; The Johnstons – The Travelling People; Mick Moloney’s Songbook – Joseph Baker; Mick Moloney & Eugene O’Donnell – Joseph Baker; Chad’s Connections;  Derek Brimstone – She Loved a Portuguese; Tim Hart & Maddy Prior – I Live Not Where I Love; Geoff – Cry of Tin – Pt1; Cry of Tin – The Geevor Lads; Cry of Tin – The Steam Engineer; Bryony Griffith & Will Hampson – The Ringers of Egloshayle & the Rose Hill; Geoff – Cry of Tin – Pt2; Cry of Tin – The Miners Anthem; Cry of Tin – Song for Crofty; Jinks’ Stack – Cornish Lads; The Tees-side Fettlers – Land of Three Rivers; Tom Richardson – 3 Track Challenge; Davy Graham – Anji; Nic Jones – The Little Pot Stove; Le Vent du Nord – ‘Confédération’; David Kidman – New Releases – Oct 2020; Stick in the Wheel – Top Knot; Stick in the Wheel – Budg & Snudg; Tom McConville – Plenty for the Few; Jed Grimes – The Bold Fisherman; Marsden Rattlers – Wor Nannie’s A Mazor; Poles Apart – The Song Goes On; Hedgehog Pie – Valparaiso ……….

27th September 2020

In Roving Folk this month – a look at songs, songwriting and also song collecting – a short visit to [email protected] – Ryburn3Step events – Harrogate Folk Club (Soundcloud & Zoom meetings) – an interview from the archives, with Tom Paxton – an introduction to Hamish’s Café & Bar ….. and songs and music from …..

Kate Rusby – Carolina in my Mind; Mark Knopfler & James Taylor – Sailing to Philadelphia; Mark Knopfler – about Mason & Dixon; ChumbaWamba – The Song Collector; Clannad – Lish Young Buy-A-Broom; Melrose Quartet – Come, See the Boys Go Round; Carolyn Robson – The Snows They Melt the Soonest; The Ripley Wayfarers – Brave Men of Eyam; Mossy Christian – Robin Hood’s Bay; Brother Green – Redwood River Band; Sue Burgess – Yorkshire Girls; No Pressure Sessionaires – Da Slockit Light; Tom Richardson – Club Night; Jez Lowe – Black Trade; David Kidman – New Releases; Tom Paxton – Interview & Come Away; Ed Pickford – Song Thoughts; Benny Graham – Pound a Week Rise; Ken Wilson – Wars of High Germany; Tom Paxton – Part2 – Wearing the Time; Chad – Mini Song; James Jenkins – Spaghetti (Rossini Barber of Seville); Hamish Imlach -The Calton Weaver  ……

23rd August 2020

The show this month includes memories of Whitby Folk Week with Geoff Twentyman – a visit to our Virtual Performance Tent with Mary Twentyman, to experience ‘England Expects’ – recommended new releases with David Kidman -– and Songs and Music by …….

Julie Felix – If I Could (El Condor Pasa);Artisan – The Weather Man Says;Coope,Boyes&Simpson – Now Is the Cool of the Day;Mellstock Band – King Arthur Had Three Sons;Hilary James – Searching for Lambs;Simon Mayor – Sheffield Steel Works 1959;John Tams – Steelos;Steel City Rovers – Guiness For Two;Graham Moore – Tolpuddle Man;Taffy Thomas&Tim Laycock – Swell My Net Full;Jinks’ Stack – Cornish Lads;Martyn Wyndham-Read – The Farmer’s Anthem;Cockersdale – Bring us a Barrel;Laura Smyth&Ted Kemp – Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy;Shirley Collins – Wondrous Love & Christmas Song;The Longest Johns – Ashes&Four Hours;Joan Baez – Be of Good Heart;Endangered Species – England Expects;Ken&Brad Kolodner – Steel Rail Blues;Silly Sisters – Hedger&Ditcher;Jez Lowe&Andy May – Barnstorming …..

26th July 2020

The show this month is a visit to the Roving Folk Virtual Summer Festival of Folk – Past & Present – with contributions from David Kidman; the Ryburn 3 Step ‘No Pressure Session’ Marquee with their guest artistes; the Roll Back the Carpet Appalachian Dancers; Geoff Twentyman is in the Maritime Tent – and on the way, there are a couple of Folk Mastermind Conundrums !  – and Songs and Music by …….

Chumbawumba – Voices That’s All; Lester Simpson – Singing the Ages Down; Keith Marsden – Old Peculiar; Dave Swarbrick & Martin Carthy – Hen’s March to the Midden; Peter Bellamy & Shirley Collins – Come Write Me Down; The Incredible String Band – Everything’s Fine Right Now; Ian Campbell Group – (with Swarb) – The Drover’s Dream; Chris Manners – Fifty Shades of White; Heretique – Bouree de Pleinpieds, Kalinka, Le Petit Coin; Jeff Warner – Beautiful Life;  Ira Bernstein & Riley Baugus – Old Joe Clark; Judy Collins – Farewell to Tarwathie; Rambling Jack Elliot – My Rocky Mountain Belle; Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman – Old Figurehead Carver; Jolly Jack – Rolling down to Old Maui; Johnny Collins & Jim Mageean – Roll Down; Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs – Old Joe Clark; Earl Scruggs & Lester Flatt – Beverley Hillbillies Theme; Andrew Meroniuk Band – Chinese Breakdown; Joan Baez – Plaisir d ’Amour; Ira Bernstein & Riley Baugus – Black Eyed Susie; Alice Jones – When I Am Far Away; Blue Murder – No One Stands Alone; The Wassailers – Roll the Woodpile Down; Artisan – The Mary Ellen Carter …..

28th June 2020

CD Reviews from Geoff & Mary Twentyman –– David Kidman with Recommended Recent Releases – Nick Dow selects his Roving Folk Three Track Challenge – and Songs and Music by …….

Ramox – Country Life;The Watersons 1983 – Dido Bendigo; Pete Coe & Alice Jones – Shule Agra; June Tabor – Spyship opening titles (1983); June Tabor & Maddy Prior – Almost Every Circumstance; Colum Sands – January Child; Colum Sands – Just an Oul’ Thing That’s Going Around; Colum Sands – One More for The Road; George Sansome – Jovial Cutler; Martin Carthy – Seven Yellow Gypsies; Cyril Tawney – The Dark Eyed Sailor; Burl Ives – The Foggy, Foggy Dew; Johnny Collins – Bonny Hawthorn; Idumea Quartet – Silver Dagger; Tom Lewis – The Minstrel; Ramox – Recently; Frank O’Neill – Down in Your Mine; Frank O’Neill – One Miner’s Life; Don Partridge – Rosie; Arrowsmith:Robb Trio – All the Salt; Arrowsmith:Robb Trio – The New Mistress; Arrowsmith:Robb Trio – The Mermaid and the Swallow; Chad – Sunday Afternoon in the Car; George Sansome – The Bold Princess Royal ……

24th May 2020

Geoff & Mary with Folksequences – ‘Fiddle Duets’ Review by Joy Leach – David Kidman with Recommended Recent Releases – Nigel Schofield’s Three Track Challenge – and Songs and Music by

Ralph McTell – Streets of London; Ralph McTell – New Verse; The Countrymen – Cornwall My Home; Cornish Peoples Choir – Cornwall My Home; Steeleye Span – Padstow May Day Song; Vic Gammon – First of May; George Sansome – Only a Ha’penny; ‘Fiddle Duets ‘- Joy’s Review Part 1; Mary & Geoff – Folksequences; Thomasina Levy – Hard Times; Matthew Dickerson – Ashokan Farewell;  ‘Fiddle Duets ‘- Joy’s Review Part 2; Chad – The Dancing Teacher; Sweeney’s Men – Willy O’Winsbury; The Roches – On the Road to Fairfax County; Shirley Collins – Poor Murdered Woman; Planxty – True Love Knows no Season; Nick Dow – The Foggy Dew; David Kidman – Recent Releases – May20; Merry Hell – Beyond the Call (A song for our NHS);  Mill Run Dulcimer Band – See That Rainbow Shine; Martin Simpson & Chris Parkinson – Hal an Tow;  ….

26th April 2020

Spotlight on Tony Wilson – Chad’s 3-Track Choice – and Songs and Music by

Jolly Jack -April Song; Show of Hands – ‘Twas On One April’s Morning; Reg Meuross – Angel in a Blue Dress; Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews – Lily Gilders; Roy Bailey & Band of Hope – Hard Times of Old England; Robin & Barry Dransfield – Rout of the Blues; Bob & Carole Pegg – Love Song No.2; Tony Wilson – Warlands; Tony Wilson – Banks of Tyne; Tony Wilson – Trees they do grow High; Bernard Davey & King’s Galliard – Step It Out Mary; Barry Dransfield – l Once Was A Fisherman; Robin Dransfield -The Rigs o‘ Rye; Sam Larner – Windy Old Weather; Tony Capstick – Capstick Comes Home; Robin Dransfield – Spencer the Rover; Barry Dransfield – Bonny Boy; The Barely Works – Byker Hill; Old Swan Band – Little Red Wagon & Art Wooten’s Quadrille; Steve Gray – Will o’ the Wisp; Colum Sands – Something Going Around; Bellowhead – New York Girls; Bernard (Brian) Davey – Pleasures of the Harbour; Colum Sands – Better times are waiting for you……

29th March 2020

5th Horseman Show – FOLK REWIND  –  29th March 2020

– a ROVING FOLK SPECIAL – folk music of the 1940’s & 1950’s  ……

Joan Baez – Donna, Donna; Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers – Walk Right In; Rambling Jack Elliot – Talking Dust Bowl Blues; Woody Guthrie – Hard Travelin’; Huddie Ledbetter – Goodnight Irene; The Weavers – Goodnight Irene; The Almanac Singers – Which Side Are You On?; Paul Robeson – Joe Hill; Jimmy Rodgers – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine; Pete Seeger – Guantanamera; Big Bill Broonzy – Black, Brown & White; Harry Belafonte – Jamaica Farewell; Odetta – Saro Jane; Tom Lehrer – The Irish Ballad; Burl Ives – John Henry; The Limelighters – There’s a Meeting; Travis, McColl & Ford – Sixteen Tons; Ken Colyer – Bourbon Street Parade; Lonnie Donegan – The Cotton Song; Lonnie Donegan – Rock Island Line; City Ramblers Skiffle Group – Mama Don’t Allow; The Vipers Skiffle Group – Railroad Steamboat; Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group – Freight Train; Tom & Jerry – Hey Schoolgirl; Simon & Garfunkel – Sound of Silence; Ian Campbell Folk Group – To Hear the Nightingale Sing; Ewan McColl – Go Down You Murderers; Peggy Seeger – The First Time Ever; Dominic Behan – Biddy Mulligan; Shirley Collins – Sweet England; Rambling Jack Elliot – San Francisco Bay Blues; Rooftop Singers – Walk Right In ….

22nd March 2020

Spotlight on The Drovers Folk Club and Songs and Music by

The Twagger Band – Not for Joe & Untitled Polka; Stuart Douglas – Seven Years Old; New Victory Band – The Mountain Belle; Bill Jones – The Arboretum; Stanley Accrington – Revenge on Dorothy Drew; Chad – Father Was a Driver on the NWR; Ewan MacColl – Cosher Bailey’s Engine; Dogsbody Ceilidh Band – Reels; Joe Nicholson – The Devil in York; Sue Dunn – Ready for The Storm; Cockersdale – The Drovers (1983); Cockersdale – Jarrow Song; Neil Marland & Over Oceans – Old Friend; Roisin Ban – Worcester City; The Wakes Band – Redwing; Atlas Bridge – Nobody’s Fault but Mine; Jim Eldon and Mossy Christian – Cuddle in; Richard Digance – Working-Class Millionaire; Peggy Seeger – The First Time Ever; Firm Friends – English Meadow; Paul Child – Mrs Oldroyd; Wench All – Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy; Ken & Sandie – The Pace Egg Song; Kevin Conneff – The Week Before Easter; Jon Palmer Acoustic Band – One Fine Day; Vic Gammon – Get on the Train; The Churchfitters – The Turning of the Tide

23rd February 2020

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Steve Tilston, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Rouse Ye Women, Rowan Godel, Joe Brown, Bernard Wrigley, Granny’s Attic, Janet Russell, Lynne & David, Winter Wilson, Corries, High Level Ranters, High Level Ranters, Paul Young & Sarah Loughran, Mairi Campbell, Antoine & Owena, Wilsons, Odette Michell, Yan Tan Tether, Bandersnatch, Rachael McShane &The Cartographers, Alice Jones, Daoiri Farrell

26th January 2020

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by The Melrose Quartet, Bram Taylor, Mike Elliott, John Kirkpatrick, Tony Rose, Ewan McLennan, The Young’Uns, Michelle Holding & Bonz, Jack Rutter, Bernard Wrigley, Atlas Bridge, Chris Manners, Steeleye Span, Sandy Denny, The Sandy Denny Project, Bully Wee, Stuart Douglas, Sherburn Bartley Sanders, Steve Knightley, Karen Pfeiffer & Paul Walker, Becky Taylor, Doyle McCusker & McGoldrick ……..

22 December 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by The Druids, Kate Rusby, Crickmore:Crewe, Tim Laycock & New Scorpion Band, George Sansome, Greg Artzner & Terry Leonino (Magpie), Karen Pfeiffer & Paul Walker, Jack Rutter, Tim Eriksen. Ramsbottom, Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham, Simon Mayor & Hilary James, The Hammered Dulcimer Trio, Kith & Kin, The Tweed Project, June Tabor, Narthen, Mark Knopfler, Belinda O’Hooley & Heidi Tidow, Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews, Ewan McColl & Peggy Seeger, Jez Lowe  ……

24 November 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Ryburn 3 Step Folk Club Pit Band, Joni Mitchell, Antoine & Owena, Riley Baugus, Chuck Campbell, Heathen Kings, Chad, Dana & Susan Robinson, Mary Humphreys & Anahata, Belshazzar’s Feast, The York Waits, Crickmore:Crewe, Graham & Eileen Pratt, Jaqui & Bridie, Granny’s Attic, Damian Clark, Stewart & Harrison, Albion Christmas Band, St Agnes Fountain, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Paul Watchorn, Tom McConville, Fara ……..

27 October 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Steeleye Span, The Corries, Review of Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner’s latest CD by Geoff Twentyman, The Pitmen Poets, The Somerville Gentleman’s Band, Dan McKinnon, Oldham Tinkers,  Pete Coe interview with music from The Road to Peterloo, Lady Maisery, Jess & Richard Arrowsmith, O’Hooley & Tidow, Ruth Notman & Sam Kelly, The McCalmans, The Corries …..

22 September 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Coe, Peters & Smyth, Artisan, Hamish Imlach, Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner, Dave Goulder, Karin Grandal-Park, Jeff Warner, Tim Eriksen & Riley Baugus, Gilmore & Roberts, Maggie Boyle, Ralph McTell, Carl Hogsden & Jane Threlfall, Vera Aspey, Granny’s Attic, Les Barker, The Churchfitters, Sam Carter, Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys, Show of Hands, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan ……

25 August 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh, Sally Ironmonger, Antoine & Owena, The PendleFolk, Sharon Shannon, Seckou Keita & Catrine Finch, Ninebarrow, Jeff Warner, Rattle On The Stovepipe, Harry Boardman, Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner, Na-Mara, Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies, Bert Draycott, Doonan Family Band, Mark Dowding, Becky Taylor, Hebric, Edwina Hayes, Findlay Napier, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Whapweasal ……

28 July 2019

Virtual Summer Festival of Folk (Past & Present) 

Ken & Brad Kolodner, De Danann, Bob & Gill Berry, Steve Benbow, Dominic Behan, Stuart Douglas, The Chieftains, The Road to Peterloo, Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher, John Conolly, Border Reivers Project, Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer, Ruth & Sadie Price, Here at the Fair Cast, The Oldham Tinkers, Pete Norman & Kath Charnock, Jeff Warner, The Bromleys, Magpie Lane, Phil Beer, Gregory Jolivet & Andy Cutting, Show of Hands ….

23 June 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Fairport Convention, Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, Young Tradition, Show of Hands, Daphne’s Flight, Kate Rusby, Coe Peters & Smyth, Mark Dowding, Rattle on the Stovepipe, Yan Tan Tether, Will Fly, The Twagger Band, Jim Radford, Karan Casey & James Taylor, Mark Knopfler, Lankum, Skipinnish, Eliza Carthy, Hebric, Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings, Bob & Gill Berry, O’Hooley & Tidow, Whapweasel …..

26 May 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Alan Bell, Houghton Weavers, Clancy & Makem, Jack Rutter,The Johnstons, Liz Moore, Marie Little, Sara Grey & Kieran Means, Cosmotheka, Tom McFarland & Fil Campbell, Hebric, Damian Barber, Geoff with Memories of Alan Bell, Derek Gifford, Martin Simpson, Jez Lowe, Kelly Oliver, Seckou Keita, Sharon Shannon ….

28 April 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by The Fureys, Cloudstreet, Melrose Quartet, Stanley Accrington, Kate Rusby, Peter Paul & Mary, Dave Burland, Sara Grey & Kieran Means, John Conolly & Pete Sumner, The Dovetail Trio, James J Turner, Merry Hell, Dave Kidman & Lynne Edmondson, Steve Tilston, The Willows, Brass Monkey, Cara Dillon, Narthen, Steve Turner, Mark Knopfler, Mary Humphreys & Anahata, Mick Ryan & the Cast of ‘Here at the Fair’ ……

24 March 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Kathryn Tickell, Jez Lowe, High Level Ranters, Ken Wilson, New Lost City Ramblers, Nick Dow, John Kirkpatrick, Iona Fyfe Trio, Dick Miles, Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage, Houghton Weavers, Steve & Sandra Harrison, Trials of Cato, Review of ‘Here at the Fair’ CDs, Pete Coe, Interview & Songs from Alice Jones, The Dubliners, Will Fly …..

24 February 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Steeleye Span, Jody Marshall, Lindisfarne, Billy Mitchell, Regal Slip, Martyn Wyndham-Read, New Victory Band, Iona Fyfe Trio, Mark Dowding, Rouse Ye Women, Mrs Porter’s Band, Gareth Davies-Jones, David Gibb, Lucy Ward, Road to Peterloo, Kacy & Clayton, Kathryn Tickell, Tom McConville, John Doyle, Pilgrim’s Way …

27 January 2019

Folk Diary and Songs and Music by Pete & Chris Coe, Alice Jones, Mary Humphreys & Anahata, Barbara Dickson, Roy Wilcock & Bridget Guest, Dave Goulder, Peter Bellamy, Grace Notes, Mark Dowding, Ragged Trousers, Phil Beer, Liz Law & Terry Conway, Janet Russell, Hebric, Phoebe Rees, The Wilson Family, Jackie Oates, Greg Russell & Ciaron Algar, Ralph McTell, Fisherman’s Friends, Dan Evans, Jody Marshall, Tom McConville ….