Roving Folk podcasts

Hosted by Ken Hudson

Broadcast the 4th Sunday of the month - 10am-12noon

26th November 2023

Welcome – welcome to our latest edition of Roving Folk – the 4th Sunday Folk Show – on Phoenix FM – this month we have music with links to the time of year – music from artists who will be visiting our area over the weeks to come   – Geoff Twentyman will be here with his folk diary – and David Kidman continues his never-ending task of recommending some new releases …

With music by ….

Chris Ricketts – Bamfields John Vanden; The Bills – Let Em Run; Pete & Chris Coe – Welcome Cold November; Martyn Wyndham-Read – Best of Autumn; Leon Rosselson – Across the Hills; The Ian Campbell Folk Group – The Sun Is Burning; Windborne – The World Turned Upside Down.; Simon and Garfunkel – Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream; Zoe Mulford featuring Windborne – Songs Stay Sung; Winter Wilson – All for the Coin; Bryony & Alice – I Traced Her Little Footmarks in the Snow; Pen & Stu – Pretty Bird; A Winter Union – Minstrels; Terence Blacker – Just Like James; The Furrow Collective – Every Day is Three; The Furrow Collective – The Hurdy Gurdy Man;  John Francis Flynn – The Seasons;  John Francis Flynn -The Zoological Gardens; The Heathen Kings – Rolling of the Stones; Tim O’Brien and Jan Fabricius – Little Annie; We Mavericks – Our Boat; The Clancy Brothers – MacPherson’s Lament; The Melrose Quartet – Make the World Anew; A Winter Union – Solstice Bells……

22nd October 2023

Welcome to Roving Folk!  This month we have quite a few tracks from the archives – a very new song from Ed Pickford – lots of music from performers visiting our area – Geoff Twentyman will be along with his folk diary – and David Kidman continues his quest to find new releases worthy of our attention.

With music from ….

The Corries – October Song; Tiger Moth – Speed the Plough; Ed Pickford – Sycamore Tree; Ewan McColl – Miner Song; Kirsty Frances & Simon Robinson – Johnny be Fair; Lewis ‘Burner’ Pugh – Ballad of Emily Swan; Oscar the Frog – Adieu to Old England; Graham Shaw & Friends – The Ghost of Mary Hay; The Hunch – Paddy Lay Back; Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne – New Barbary; Chad – My Little Bit of Pride; Steve Turner – When Ladies go A-Thieving; Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews – In Praise of Alcohol; Gordon Giltrap – Heartsong; Pentangle – A Maid that’s deep in Love; Rosie Hood Band – Lyddie Shears; Martin Simpson & Thomm Jutz – Pretty Saro [Feat. Odessa Settles]; Martin Simpson & Thomm Jutz – I Whipped My Horse [Feat. Fay Hield]; The Lasses – River Run; The Melrose Quartet – Scarecrow; The Melrose Quartet – Make the World Anew; Roger Davies – Peter Brook’s Paintings; Show of Hands – Hallow’s Eve ……

24th September 2023

Welcome to Roving Folk – this month we have an interesting new feature – Geoff Twentyman has been looking at tribute songs – he’ll also be along with his comprehensive folk diary – and David Kidman continues his quest to find new releases worthy of our attention ….

With music from …

Martin Carthy – High Germany; Johnny Campbell ft Commoners Choir & The Skelmanthorpe Brass Band – A Right to Roam ; Band of the Rising Sun – Soul Cake; Band of the Rising Sun – Hazzard Hollow; Dave Swarbrick – Spanish Lady Medley; Harvey Andrews – Way Back When; Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – Will the Circle Be Unbroken; Grace Notes – Down Falls the Day; Allan Taylor – Banjo Man with Story – Thinking of Derroll Adams; Jon Palmer Acoustic Band – Vacca Wall; Jon Palmer Acoustic Band – Wanderlust; Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening – Bone Music; Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening – One Night in Moana; Howay the Lasses – Mary Astell; Jim Woodland – The Luddite; Baldrick’s Plan – The Rolling English Road; Willard’s Leap – Adieu John Barleycorn; Jon Wilks – Johnny Sands [Roud 184]; Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick – John Barleycorn; Peter Bellamy – On Board A ’98; Colum Sands – Fred Jordan’s Boots; Fred Jordan -The Farmers Boy; The Sands Family – Twa Corbies …..

27th August 2023

Welcome to Roving Folk – continuing to look back over 10 years of roving and rambling – we also have some recommended new releases from David Kidman – Geoff Twentyman has been rounding up the dates for his folk diary – and also has further details on the new EP by Joe & Will Sartin – and Johnny Handle tells an amusing story of recording the first High Level Ranters album – with Bill Leader.

With music from …

Cajun Moon – Fiddler John; Jim Couza – Alabama Jubilee; Jackson Browne & Bonnie Rait – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine; Everly Brothers – Barbara Allen; The Albion Band – The Appalachian Front Porch Game; Peter & Barbara Snape – Johnny Has Gone; Regal Slip – Bringing in The Sheaves; Jim Woodland – Tired of Love; Roy Wilcock & Bridget Guest – Devoted to You; Patakus – Spanish Ladies [Feat. Joe Sartin, Will Sartin]; Patakus – Country Carrier; James Taylor – Hard Times (Come Again No More); Mark Knopfler – Sailing to Philadelphia; Johnny Cash – Hurt; Folsom Prison Blues – The String Revolution (with Tommy Emmanuel); Steve Turner – Sail On; Steve Turner – In Rochester City; Ninebarrow – Ten Miles by Two; Ninebarrow – The Colour of Night; Alistair Anderson & Dan Walsh – Geld Him Lasses Geld Him & Rusty Gulley; Johnny Handle – How I wrote The Peach Wine Polka; Martin Simpson & Thom Jutz – Geordie (feat. Sierra Hull & Justin Moses); John Conolly – Tom of Holmfirth ….

23rd July 2023

This is our 6th Virtual Festival of Folk past & present – once again, we have a number of venues to visit – and a steam train to take us round – to visit ‘The Engine Shed’ – The Craft Village – the Irish Marquee –  the Mellow Memories Stage in the Memorial Marquee – the Presentation Show Tent and Stage – and the Ryburn 3 Step Marquee (including the ‘No Pressure Session’ ….

Our virtual festivals began in July 2018 – as a way of giving listeners the opportunity to design their own festival – the question was asked – ‘If you were a festival organiser – with unlimited funding – who would you like to appear at your festival?’  The brainstorming sessions resulted in so many names of artists being mentioned – that we were able to plan a number of festivals!

One of the advantages of having a virtual festival is that we can include recordings of much-loved artists who are no longer with us.

With music from ….

Allan Taylor – Calling on; Simon & Garfunkel – Roving Gambler (Demo); Patterson, Jordan, Dipper – Slow Train; Dave Goulder -The Settle & Carlisle; Johnny Cash – Loading Coal; Albert ‘Diddy’ Cook – The Blackbird; Texas Gladden – The House Carpenter; The Incredible String Band – Black Jack Davy; Pete Coe & Bandoggs – Wreck off Scilly; Ryburn ‘No Pressure’ Sessionaires – 3 around 3 (clip); Tinkers Bag – Marche du Verner (clip); Chris While & Julie Matthews – Small Cases full of Big Dreams; Pete Morton – I have Fleas; Ed Sheeran & Beoga – Nancy Mulligan; Wendy Arrowsmith – Sweeter by The Day; The Transports Cast – The Ballad of Norwich Gaol; The Transports Cast – Roll Down; Ken Colyer’s Jazz Band & Skiffle Group – intro & This Train (clip); Lonnie Donegan – Lonesome Traveller; Martin Carthy – How I Came into Folk; Libba Cotton – Freight Train (clip); Chas McDevitt & Nancy Whiskey – Freight Train; Grace Notes – Northern Tide; Vin Garbutt – It fell off the back of a boat; Roy Bailey – The Joy of Living; Alan Bell – So Here’s to You; Patakus – Thresherman; Nonsuch Massed Dulcimers – Wellerman; Show of Hands – Cousin Jack …

25th June 2023

Welcome to Roving Folk – which – you may be surprised to know – first began roving 10 years ago – in July 2013 – and – if you were listening – at that time – to the folk show on Phoenix Radio in June 2013 – you will have heard me getting to know the studio equipment (doing some work experience you might say) under the guidance of the previous presenter. So – this month – we are looking back to that show in June 2013 – we have some tracks from the cutting room floor (selected for the show – but never played) – we have music from performers visiting our area – Geoff Twentyman has a double-dose of his folk diary (our July show will be our annual virtual Roving Folk Festival of Folk) – and David Kidman has more of his never-ending supply of new releases to recommend.

With music from ….

Le Vent Du Nord – D’ouest en est; Pete Coe – Rolling Down the Ryburn; The Bevvy Sisters – Oh Mary Don’t You Weep; Rachel Newton – Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad; The Druids – All’s dear but poor men’s labour; Giles Farnaby’s Dream Band – Pastime with Good Company; Ronnie Hawkins – The Lady Came from Baltimore; Chris Stuart – Springhill Mine; The Wilsons – Season of Peace; Dan Evans – Skye Boat Song; Matthew Dickerson – Ashokan Farewell; The Magpies – Sweet Dreams; Swan Arcade – Admiral Benbow; Kate Rusby – Underneath the Stars; Robin Dransfield – Spencer the Rover; Ewan MacColl – I’m A Rover; John Bowden & Vic Shepherd – The Lonesome Roving Wolves; John Bowden & Vic Shepherd – The Mormon Boys; Low Lily – Where We Belong; She Shanties – The Final Trawl; She Shanties – Essequibo River; Doc Watson – Nobody Knows but Me; Don Partridge – Keep on Tracking Mama; Nic Jones – The Indian Lass; Track Dogs – Every Dog’s Day ….

28th May 2023

Welcome to Roving Folk – hope you’re all fit, well, and enjoying the warmer weather. This month – we have music from a number of performers who are visiting our area – Geoff Twentyman is here with his folk diary – and David Kidman has some new releases to recommend.

With music from ….

Churchfitters – The Turning of the Tide; Bob Fox – Water of Tyne; Bob Fox – Big River; Hebble – Spring Hill Mine; Newsreel – Springhill Coal Mine Disaster Nova Scotia Canada 1956; Martin Carthy – Springhill Mine Disaster; Lefty Frizzell – Long Black Veil (1959); Phil Langran – Dunmanus Bay; Kris Drever – Black Water (Steel and Stone); The Gilchrist Collective – The Fall of The Leaf; The Wilsons – 18th Day of June; Steve Tilston – Love Minus Zero-No Limit; Aoife Scott – Sweet October; John Kirkpatrick – Old King Coal; Matthew Dickerson – The Dulcimer Guy – Ashokan Farewell; Dan Evans – The Skye Boat Song; Graham O’Callaghan – Egloshayle Ringers; Jinks’ Stack – Cornish Lads; The Golowan Band – St John’s tune; Old Spot – Red Lemonade; Old Spot – Darling Corey; Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman – Night Visiting; Simon Mayor – Carolan’s Frolic; Shirley Collins – High and Away; Georgie Buchanan – Love is a Rocking Wave; Harry Belafonte – Jamaica Farewell …

23rd April 2023

Welcome to Roving Folk – hope you are fit, well and enjoying a glimpse of Spring. This month – we have music connected to the time of year – there’s music from performers who are visiting our area – Geoff Twentyman is here with his folk diary – and David Kidman has some new releases to recommend.

With music from ….

Muckram Wakes – The Bone Lace Weaver; Young Tradition – Watercress-O; Muckram Wakes – Gilliver – Folkweave – Live 1976; De Dannan – The Sweet Forget Me Not; The Songwainers – Glittering Dewdrops; Dave Burland – King George Hunt; Bob Fox – Taking on Men; McColl & Seeger – I Like to Settle; Archie Fisher – The Terror Time; Sue Burgess – Yorkshire Girls; Nick Dow – The Brewer Lad; Show of Hands & Track Dogs -Columbus (Didn’t Find America); Show of Hands and Track Dogs – Ruby; Reg Meuross – Good Morning Mr. Colston; Maggie Holland – Blood Like Wine; Maggie Holland – Leave the Light On; The Young’uns – Trespassers; O’Hooley & Tidow – The Ballad of Ann and Ann (with Suranne J); Nancy Kerr – Whittingham Fair; Planxty – The Jolly Beggar; Gryphon – Pastime with Good Company; Shirley Collins – Come Write Me Down; Mary Humphreys and Anahata – Swinton New May Song  ….