IT’S FANTASTIC…come and join us, volunteers are the life blood of any community project 

–  Mike Cunningham (Presenter & Tech Guru)

Community radio can play a great part in the fabric of local life. Where else can you get such a wide variety of chat, music, news and viewpoints from the people who actually live in the area that the station is being broadcast to. That, coupled with the desire to give a little back to the community that I’ve lived in most of my life, constantly learning, and dealing with the day to day challenge of a radio station

I began volunteering for Phoenix, applying the skills I had learned to edit radio shows, as well as showing others how to record and edit their own radio shows and doing rap workshops, usually about relevant social issues. I have witnessed first hand what people can get out of the experience of working with radio and music equipment and seen so much potential come out of some of the young people I have worked with.

– Liam Gallois-McCormick

Due to the help I have received from Phoenix FM I have been recently recruited by a Leeds based agency for outside work and been invited to radio open day. Without the help I have received I would not have been able to pursue my career in the way in which I have and would not be in the situation I am now with paid work from the agency and wouldn’t have the confidence I have today.

– Rob Bray (Former Drivetime Presenter)

Volunteering for Phoenix was the best thing I ever did and hope to continue with it in the future. I would also say to anyone that is thinking of volunteering for radio get involved with phoenix radio you will be glad you did.

– Chris Horner (Lunchtime Live)

I have overcome a real confidence issue. I have achieved things I thought I’d never achieve. ie presenting a show to the public.

– Francine Leith (Former Coffee Culture Presenter)